Are you stressed, tense, unhappy or not feeling your happy self?

Creative Arts Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness can help!

We can help you!

We teach people easy to learn mindfulness, natural processes to help you unwind, heal, process your thoughts and emotions, feel inspired and empowered.

We do this through Meditation, Creative Arts Therapy and Art Journals.

We teach you simple ways to process your emotions and dive deep into your thoughts in a Fun, creative mindful way.


Empowering our Kids

Creative Mind Body College

The Bookmaker Studio


Empowering our kids

Join one of our group workshops and learn techniques together, make new friends and join our creative community especially for Tweens and Teens

The Bookmaker Studio

The home of Empowering our Kids and Creative Mind Body College. A safe and welcoming Studio space for our Workshops and Courses. 

Creative Mind Body College


Workshops, Courses and certifications for Mindfulness and Meditation. Learn the skills to decrease stress and anxiety